Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Witches in West Jordan

One of the best things about having a West Jordan location right in the middle of Gardner Village is all the fun stuff that goes on that we get to be a part of!  You have about a week to make it out here in time to visit the Witches of Gardner Village.  This is a fabulous Halloween activity for the kids.  The village even offers a scavenger hunt.  Before you head out, print this list out and take it with you.  If you can find all of the witches, you can get a discount on some yummy cookies from the Naborhood Bakery.
And while you're wandering around, you might just run into a real live witch!  Or two or three, if you're lucky!  But don't worry.  You can reassure your children:  these are good witches.  The best, in fact!  

And while there, you might as well take a Ride to a Witch!  I won't tell you what the tickets look like, but you're kids will love it! Well, the boys definitely will.  You will get a ride on a hay wagon to the witches secret lair! And then, when you arrive back in the village, be sure to stop by Sassy Babies to check out our Halloween stash!  Can't wait to see you! 

And don't forget about the giveaway!  You know you want that $50 Gift Card!

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