Thursday, January 12, 2012

Down with Cabin Fever!

If you don't have enough to do this winter, I have a few more ideas for you. You have to check out our Boutique. There are all kinds of fabulous toys to get your kids through the long and cold winter months.
Check out this super fun retro play kitchen. What little girl wouldn't love to spend her time cooking up the yummiest of pretend meals here!  So what if you can't go outside and ride those bikes or go to the park?  Just stay home and make some hot chocolate and some pretend sweets. (You know you have to be done with the real ones! :)
This adorable giraffe is also a pillow and a blanket!  Otherwise known as a Zoobie pet. Zoobie Pets are fabulous fuzzy friends that transform into what you need.  These are great for traveling, or just for toting around the house.  Sassy Babies has a great selection of Zoobie Pets, so if your little one has a favorite animal, you just might be in luck.  Be sure to check out all of our Zoobie pets to find the right one for your family. 
And if your kids love puzzles, they will get hours of entertainment from this 36 piece puzzle.  I love Where the Wild Things Are and this is another great way to introduce your kids to that great book.  If Where the Wild Things Are isn't your cup of tea, be sure to check out the other puzzles on our site.  

Whatever you choose, don't let the cabin fever win this year!  What are you doing to defeat it? 

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