Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Guest Post: First Lady of the House

I'm happy to be guest blogging over here at Sassy Babies Blog

I'm Camilla

 and I blog over at First Lady of the House 

 and I LOVE everything creative!

have 2 small girls (3 & 1) that are my pride and joy. My husband is
UBER busy and I am grateful for him! We love the suburb of Salt Lake
City that we live in. I enjoy reading, gardening, shopping, and crafting
(not in any
particular order).

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I was trying to think up a cute handmade gift I could give my girls for Valentines Day and I thought of a Tic Tac Toe game made from felt. I knew it wouldn't be hard at all.
I bought some felt sheets at the local Hobby Lobby then I also went over to the fabric department and got a larger piece of felt for the board. I also bought a cute ribbon to use for the lines on the board.

I used my trusty AccuQuilt machine and the Heart die to cut out all my hearts so they would be perfect looking. Then I just printed out a GIANT "X" and used it as a template for my X's.

I cut my game board  15" by 15" so I was able to sew ribbon on every 5" for the game lines.
Rather than just one line down the middle I sewed down both sides so it would be flat'ish.

I wanted there to be a little bit of weight to the game pieces so I put some rice inside and sewed up the edges.
I love the Heart pieces, I hand stitched a white heart in the middle to give it some contrast.

My felt that I used for my game board was a bit wrinkly. 
I don't love that but not sure if you can iron felt??

I can't wait to give it to my girls and see if I can teach them the concept of Tic Tac Toe!

Thanks for having me over here at the Sassy Babies Blog


Cheryl E. said...

Super cute!!

*katie said...

Very cute, my boys love tic tac toe and end up using lots of paper in the process, this is a perfect way to combat that!