Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pass the Days: Winter Activities

The holidays are over.  Come on. You know you want to. Breathe in a deep sigh of relief.

But, wait. . . Now what?  The new presents have worn off their new toy novelty. The kids are cooped up inside on the weekends, not quite brave enough to face the cold and going stir crazy.  (Although, if you live in Utah, it's not quite so bad as you would usually think.) So, what to do to pass the time?
If you are dying for some spring, get your kids to help you create some terrariums to put in a sunny window.  All you need are a few empty jars, dirt, rocks and either seeds or seedlings.  This is great if your kids want to prove to you that they are responsible: make them in charge of keeping those plants alive!  Get further details from Scissors and Steam.  

If you are ambitious and need to warm up the kitchen, you could try making some soft pretzels with the kids.  Your kids will be amazed when they come out of the oven and they have turned brown!  You can find more details at Flexible Dreams.  
And when the pretzels are done, pull out the best hot chocolate you and your children have ever had.  If you want your children to love you forever, make this crockpot hot chocolate for them.  This recipe comes from Mrs. Happy Homemaker, and my family praises the day that I discovered this recipe. It really is the best hot chocolate that you have tasted.  

And maybe with the promise of some hot chocolate, those kids who aren't so interested in playing in the cold, just might venture out now! 

What is your favorite way to keep your children entertained on the coldest of days? 


Jamie said...

Wow, thanks for featuring my Mason Jar Terrariums!! I hope some of you try them out, they're super easy to make and a great project for kids :)

Lori said...

I've awarded your blog the Versatile Blogger Award!
Stop by my blog to receive it!


Lovingmama said...

Love the idea! I am a huge outdoor gardener, but a little afraid of the indoor thing =) May have to try it!

amy@flexibledreams said...

Thanks for featuring my soft pretzels! They were way easier then I thought they'd be... even with the addition of kids to the kitchen!